Horse Treats

Pumpkin N Spice

Pumpkin N Spice

All Natural Horse Treats

Two types to choose from

The Versatile Line made for horses without special dietary needs.

These treats contain molasses and grain products horses have come to cherish.

Some Ingredients include:

Pumpkin, Molasses, Rolled Oats, Steamed Flaked Barley, Bran, Golden Ground Flax, Ground Corn (Polana), Oat flour, Cinnamon, Corn Oil

           The Perfect Harmony Line is especially suited to horses with special dietary needs including:

High Performance, Endurance, or Competition Horses

Insulin Resistant, Laminitic, Diabetic or Cushings Horses

Large breeds that are prone to polysaccharide disorders

These treats contain only low carbohydrate ingredients that are low on the glycemic index and have NO ADDED SUGAR.

See individual treats for ingredients.