Slow Feed Hay Nets Custom Sizes

Round Bale Hay Net FeederWe offer custom sized slow feed hay nets made to order for:

  • Round Bale
  • SmallSquares
  • Pillow

Round bale hay nets save on wasted hay that without them would be lying on the ground soiled and unedible.  .    They pay for themselver rather quickly. . . They should always be used in a feeder however to prevent mishaps with shod horses and youngsters tiny hooves.

These hay nets are made to your specs.  Please use the contact form to give us all needed information and we will respond with any questions and or a quote.  They are made from knotted netting and hole size can vary per your instructions.  The smaller the holes the longer it will take your horse to consume the hay inside.   Our horses all do well with 1 7/8″ to 2″ mesh.

After Hay Net

After Hay Net

Waste B 4 Hay Net Feeder